Topflite Jumbo Logs


Our original Wild Bird Energy Logs are more than enough to send hungry wild birds into a flap. Imagine their reaction to a jumbo version! Hanging one of these flock-pleasers out in your feeder will ensure there’s more than enough energy to go around on cold winter days.

Shaped into supersize cylinders these Wild Bird Jumbo Logs, like all of our energy range, are based around sustainably sourced soya oil – there’s none of that nasty habitat-wrecking palm oil here. Instead you get 100% delicious treats ready to power up your backyard visitors. The flavour and fruity scent of this limited edition cake come from New-Zealand grown blueberries. After the blueberries have been juiced and processed, the skins are leftover as a byproduct. We knew exactly how to make this vitamin-filled goodness go further: by blending it into our wild bird energy recipe to nourish our feathered friends.

Jumbo in size; jumbo in flavour, wild birds will flock to this wholesome winter feed.

1: Use these to keep your Wild Bird Truffle Feeder well stocked (one goes a long way)

2: Energy logs are known to attract silvereye, sparrow, thrush, waxeye, blackbird and yellowhammer

3: Provides an immediate source of energy often essential for survival during breeding or winter months

Ingredients: Vegetable fat, wheat flour, Peanut flour and freeze-dried blueberry skins

The perfect additional to the Wild Bird Feeder (cage pictured)

This product can attract the following species: